You have 60 seconds to rack up as many points as you can by shooting zombies and gain other abilities/weapons as you play! Try and beat your score or beat your friends scores!      Highest Score Recorded: 623

(WASD or Arrow Keys) Move

(Left Click Hold) Shoot 

*AFTER 100 POINTS*(Space) Land Mines x3

*AFTER 200 POINTS*(Shift) Invis-Ability

*AFTER 250 POINTS* Zombies get faster

(R) Restart

(Tab) Pause

 Subscrieb to my YouTube Channel: TheDankZebra

Install instructions

I don't really know how downloading and running this game works but I assume to run this offline you need some sort of program that runs HTML5 games


v1.1 376 kB
V1.2 471 kB

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